Services Offered:

Service of Process

  • Statewide and National Service of Process
  • Courthouse Searches and Records Retrieval in State and Federal Court
  • 24 hour Status Update Via Internet
  • Document filing and recording
  • Paralegal Support Service;
  • Eviction Services;  We prepare and serve all the proper legal documents including but not limited to 3 Day Notice, 5 days Summons and 20 days Complaint
  • Litigation Services;

Virtually assist attorneys in project management and all aspects of the litigation process, from the discovery period through the trial.  Assist in drafting documents, such as pleadings and other commonly used legal documents for attorneys. Assist with coordinating document productions, document review for responsiveness, privilege, and other substantive or objective criteria; factual research; document analysis; legal research.  Assist in drafting request for due diligence documents including but not limited to preparation of Amended Complaint and Alias Summons.


  • Assist with electronic document organization/production, including indexing of documents and maintaining files.
  • Interact with clients and outside entities, such as government agencies, expert witnesses, corporations, and other law firms to gather information or data.
  • Review and analyze documents for production; categorizes documents by subject; prepare chronologies of facts; create charts; perform calculations and statistical analyses; review transcripts for specific references.
  • Review and draft correspondence, interrogatories and requests for production of documents (and responses), as well as financial statements and any other pleadings or routine legal documents.
  • Conduct factual research: gather relevant information from various resources (i.e. internet, libraries, etc.).
  • Prepare for depositions, including compiling documents relevant to the deponent, including compiling exhibits.
  • Digest transcripts to summarize highlights of a proceeding or search for specific issues.
  • Perform public records research of all kinds (i.e. dockets, bankruptcy dockets, secretary of state records, etc.).


  • Prepare for trial, including: electronic organization of exhibits, files and all other supporting documents.
  • Assist with the preparation of motions, including electronically compiling relevant documents, proofreading and putting together exhibits and indexing documents for a table of contents.
  • Prepare binders per witness, which contain interview memos, digests and relevant documents.
  • Prepare medical binders.

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